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Therapy for Teens & Tweens

Being a young person today is hard! Adolescents today face challenges that are unprecedented from previous generations. Young people today are being constantly bombarded by a series of pressures with unsustainable expectations and narratives from social media and politics. Sage Therapy Chicago has numerous therapists who specialize in these challenges. Through collaboration and understanding we work with young people to help guide, navigate and empower!

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We Work On Issues Such As:

  • Low self-esteem, poor body image
  • Social media and technology
  • Navigating friendships and relationships Bullying
  • Academic or behavioral problems at school
  • Planning/uncertainty/pressure surrounding college
  • Pressures for perfectionism
  • Dating Violence
  • Issues with parents
  • Identity
  • Sexuality
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts or self-harm
  • Substance Use
  • Isolation and withdrawal from friends or family
  • Feeling misunderstood


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