Agency & Aging

Research has shown that having feelings of agency, or believing that you have power to influence your environment and meet your goals, is correlated with feelings of overall psychological well-being. Feelings of agency have also been shown to sharply decline as people age, due to minimization and invalidation caused by ageism and changes in functioning. In this 90-minute workshop, aging individuals and their supports will learn about areas where personal agency can be exercised throughout the lifespan, how to build feelings of agency in these areas, and how to challenge unhelpful thought processes that prevent us from taking action to live our best lives.

Topics Will Include:

  • Impact of Ageism on mental and physical health of older adults
  • Defining what “Agency” is, why it is important, and how it can be achieved
  • Articulating the many places in which agency can be expressed throughout our live
  • Identifying strategies to marshal support and influence our environment
  • Developing skills to identify and challenge automatic thoughts to change our responses
  • Setting value-driven goals for the future

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