Bisexuality Affinity Group

Sage Therapy Chicago is now offering a support group for women and female-identified people (inclusive of transgender and non-binary clients) who identify as bisexual (or under the bi+ umbrella) live in IL/Chicagoland area and are between the ages of 18 to 35.

Purpose & Goals

Our goal for this group is for bisexual identified women to gain a sense of support and build community. This group will be a space for folks to process experiences/emotions/thoughts and to support each other by sharing coping mechanisms, interpersonal skills, ideas, or lessons from their own experiences.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Biphobia and monosexism (from both heterosexual and queer spaces/individuals)
  • Bi-erasure
  • Navigating queer spaces when most queer spaces are not specifically for bisexual women
  • Compulsory heterosexuality
  • Relationships/dating/sexual experiences
  • Intersection of sexism and biphobia and how bisexual women are more at risk of certain harms compared to monosexual women.

Maegan Ramchal, LSW

Maegan is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). She earned a Masters in Advanced Clinical Social work focused on Health, Mental Health & Disabilities from Columbia University

$50 Per Session


Mondays - Weekly

Virtual - link will be provided to active participants

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