Why might you want to host a psychoeducational workshop for your group?

Psychoeducation refers to educational materials aimed at increasing knowledge around mental wellness and related topics. Psychoeducational workshops can take on many forms and serve groups of all types and sizes, but one unifying factor is that workshops focus on providing specific skills and information to assist participants in supporting themselves and others. Workshop training focuses on evidence-based skills around topics such as mindfulness, stress management, effective communication strategies, diversity and allyship, healthy relationships, and much more. Workshops can be delivered either as general information or tailored to specific needs of the participants/organization. It is important to note that psychoeducation is not group therapy - workshops are developed with the primary purpose of educating participants.

Some common settings that we provide workshop training for include: corporate offices,  high schools, colleges and universities, and community organizations. However, our workshops can be brought into settings of all kinds, and organizations of any sort can benefit from educational interventions. Workshops can be tailored to most group sizes as well, from more intimate discussions in small groups to more lectured-based formats for larger audiences.

How can workshops benefit your members and your organization?

For Individuals

Psychoeducation has proven effective in providing individuals tools that aid them in supporting their own mental health and in supporting others. Individuals benefit from being provided specific suggestions around coping strategies, information regarding mental health-related topics that can dispel misconceptions, instructions on how to more effectively communicate with others, and skills to share what they learn in the workshops with others. Outside of being informational, psychoeducation can also be fun! Workshops include spaces for individuals to discuss and practice skills - a great opportunity for socializing and bonding between group members.

For Organizations

Psychoeducational workshops benefit groups at large beyond individual skills. By providing tools for individuals, organizations that host psychoeducation experience increases in productivity, fosters healthier communication patterns, and supports positive environments between group members. Psychoeducation workshops also work to decrease the financial and emotional costs of unaddressed mental health concerns, especially in work and school environments. Our workshops can also present a space for bonding between group members with interactive components, which can create stronger relationships between members - something especially beneficial for those working in hybrid and remote environments that do not always allow for connection. Along with general benefits, workshops can help address specific concerns that your organization might be experiencing.

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