About Tiffany Chin

“My goal is for clients to feel empowered, gain a better sense of self & realize their resilience!

Why I became a therapist

Hi! My name is Tiffany, and I became a therapist because I am passionate about empowering people and helping them navigate life. Often, this includes discussing and processing the emotions and thoughts that are typically avoided. As a therapist I want to help you realize and identify patterns in your behavior that may be holding you back.

I aim to work with my clients to develop clear pathways to achieve personal and professional goals. I have always been interested in peoples’ experiences and enjoy working to unfold a person's past, present, and ideal future.  I also enjoy deep, meaningful conversations to learn about my clients’ stories and help them continue a path of success, in which they feel heard and supported.

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Who I work with

I work with individuals and couples who are looking to develop a better sense of self, understand their boundaries, broaden their perspective, improve communication and process trauma. I also enjoy working with young adults who are experiencing a quarter-life crisis, which involves feelings of anxiety, depression and uncertainty about the future, life-transitions, and relationships.

Additionally, I am passionate about working with Asian-Americans that are adjusting to adulthood and forming their identities. I enjoy discussing and exploring the confusion that may occur while trying to blend cultures together. My goal is to help my clients to navigate their experiences and feelings as well as understand and develop a better sense of self.

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“I am motivated everyday by being a part of my clients’ journey and the work we do together.”

Working With Me

I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which my clients can be vulnerable and explore their thoughts, feelings and the events occurring in their lives. I want the clients to feel safe and empowered to say the things that they have been too scared  to address or told not to say and finally feel heard. I hope to explore these sensitive topics and discuss them openly in a secure and supportive environment.

Therapy can better a client’s well-being physically and emotionally. Therapy can help someone challenge negative thinking and change unhelpful patterns with the purpose to identify a more positive perspective and experience. Therapy can also assist with identifying and organizing goals, creating a path for change, and developing a better sense of self. Additionally, my clients will  gain life-long coping skills that can always turn to..

Qualifications and trainings

  • I have a background in weightlifting, photography, performance arts, journalism, and mental health

  • I am Bilingual, fluent in English and Chinese (Taishanese)

Ready to overcome the barriers holding you back?