About Our Training, Consulting & Speaking Services

Our training options offer mental health solutions and education to businesses, the community and individuals alike! Through live webinars, on-demand courses as well as custom on-site and virtual training options for organizations, our specialized instructors create a supportive learning environment to empower, educate and transform!

We are partnered with Centered therapy to  offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs)  for mental health professionals in the state of IL.

Please reach out to training@sagetherapychicago.com with any questions you may have about our trainings.


Whether you're hosting a small, intimate gathering or a large-scale event, our public speaking services can help you empower your community with valuable insights and strategies for mental health. From stress management and resilience-building to fostering inclusivity and self-care, our therapists have the expertise to deliver impactful content across a wide range of subjects and diverse communities.

Our psychoeducational talks not only provide valuable knowledge but also help to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and encourage individuals to prioritize their own well-being.


We provide on-site and virtual workshops to a variety of organizations including but not limited to corporate offices, non-profits, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and community organizations.

Corporate & Community Wellness Training & Consulting 
Our programs are designed to enhance mental health awareness, foster a supportive workplace culture, and equip teams with practical tools for managing stress and promoting resilience. There are many benefits to investing in your organization's mental health care. Companies who invest in their employee’s mental health and wellness can expect to see improved workplace culture, greater work life balance and work satisfaction,  increased productivity, better communication and a reduction in emotional and financial costs of unaddressed mental health and medical concerns.

Please reach out to training@sagetherapychicago.com to schedule a discovery call!

On Demand Courses

Our Self Guided, on-demand course content is designed to improve emotional intelligence and wellbeing both in and out of the workplace. Our courses focus on evidence-based skills around topics such as mindfulness, stress management, effective communication strategies, diversity and allyship, healthy relationships, grief and loss and much more. 

Course content is accessible through our online training platform, Sage Therapy Training Center.

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