We specialize in helping clients who are experiencing anxiety, stress and social anxiety, which is characterized by feelings of worry or fear that can be strong enough to interfere with a person’s daily life.

Quarter-life Crisis

Our area of expertise is working with young adults who are experiencing a quarter-life-crisis, which is characterized by a sense of anxiety and apprehension over the direction and quality of one’s life.


We have extensive training and experience working with  individuals who have experienced trauma and coping with the difficult emotions those experiences bring.

Couples & Relationships

When working with couples, we work with developing positive communication and relational skills to increase closeness, effectively adjust to life’s challenges, and manage stress, anxiety and depression.


We also work with individuals who are suffering from depression of most types and levels of severity to find relief.

Life Transitions

Life transition - both positive and negative - can be extremely stressful. We help clients navigate life transitions such as being new to the city, college to work life, relationship changes, career transitions and more.

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