Our On-Demand Courses and Workshops

Our psychoeducational on-demand course content is right at your fingertips and available immediately upon purchase to complete virtually for you, your organization or mental health professionals seeking continuing education units (CEUs).

These courses are pre-recorded, facilitated by a specialized mental health professional and include corresponding handouts, activities, resources and reference lists. Course content is accessible by creating an account through our online training platform - Sage Training Center

What you can learn from a psychoeducational on- demand Course

Psychoeducation refers to educational materials aimed at increasing knowledge around mental wellness and related topics, providing specific skills and information to assist participants in supporting themselves and others. Our courses focus on evidence-based skills around topics such as mindfulness, stress management, effective communication strategies, diversity and allyship, healthy relationships, grief and loss and much more.

Some common populations and groups that we provide courses for include: educating individuals, those of helping professionals, corporate offices,  high schools, colleges and universities, and community organizations.
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Our On-Demand Training Courses are Available for Individuals, Organizations & Continuing Education Units

For Individuals

Psychoeducation is a powerful tool that equips individuals with the knowledge and strategies to support their own mental health and assist others. It offers practical coping techniques, clears up misconceptions about mental health,  teaches effective communication skills and more. Additionally, participants learn how to share these valuable insights with others and positively influence their relationships both personally and professionally. Beyond its educational value, psychoeducation is engaging and enjoyable!
Benefits of the workshop for organizations

For Organizations

We provide on-demand mental health education training opportunities for organizations committed to promoting employee well-being.  Our programs are designed to enhance mental health awareness, foster a supportive workplace culture, and equip teams with practical tools for managing stress and promoting resilience. Organizations that offer these workshops can expect to see increased productivity, improved communication as well as a reduction in emotional and financial costs of unaddressed mental health concerns.

For CEUs

We offer  a diverse range of continuing education training opportunities designed to enrich and advance your skills in the field. Our experienced instructors create a supportive learning environment, ensuring you not only gain knowledge but also practical insights to enhance your clinical practice. We are partnered with CTC Training Center to provide CEUs for psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, marriage & family therapists and psychologists who are licensed in the state of Illinois through the Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Current On-Demand Courses


In addition to our current on-demand courses, we also build customized workshops and trainings to meet your specific needs. Our workshops can be brought into settings of all kinds, and organizations of any sort can benefit from psychoeducational interventions. Workshops can be tailored to most group sizes, from more intimate discussions in small groups to more lectured-based formats for larger audiences.

Purchase options include immediate access to on-demand videos as well as live  in-person or virtual options. Custom workshop pricing is dynamic based on factors like setting and desired length.

Please contact us for more information and we will set up a discovery call!

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