Aubrey Lee

"I value a positive working relationship built on trust, honesty, kindness, intention, and desire for further connection."

Why I became a therapist

Hi, I’m Aubrey! I became a therapist because I am interested in the stories, experiences and relationships that make up the architecture of people's lives. I believe we are all constantly evolving, experiencing, encountering, and learning from the world and others around us. I find great meaning in uncovering, supporting, collaborating and walking with my clients through hardships and challenges towards healing and ultimately a more meaningful and healthy life.

Who I work with

I specialize in adults experiencing grief, loss, life transitions, career uncertainty, and relationship challenges. I also enjoy working with young adults who are experiencing a quarter-life crisis, which is often characterized by the anxiety and uncertainty over the direction and quality of one's life. Additionally, I work with those struggling with disordered eating patterns, body image, self-esteem and health concerns. I am passionate about helping my clients understand their own personal embodiment, which is the intersection between our mental health and physical being.

“Healing is subjective. I help you define how you view fulfillment in your life to create meaningful relationships, careers, and purposeful community”

Working With Me

I value a positive working relationship built on trust, honesty, kindness, intention, and desire for further connection. Working with me is a collaborative experience where we will discuss your present, past and hopes for the future. I want to know how you define success and healing, what that means for you and your life and the values that drive your life choices. I value a holistic approach, one that taps into both your emotional experiences and physical symptoms. I utilize a variety of approaches that incorporate evidenced based treatments and interventions. I also consider myself as a relational therapist and believe that the therapeutic relationship is paramount. I also believe that only a fraction of the work is done in the therapeutic space and therefore encourage and work with my clients in applying learned techniques into daily life through curated journal prompts, mindfulness exercises, and reflections outside of sessions!

My Qualifications and trainings

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