Elizabeth Maranto

"The motivation behind my work is that moment when my client feels heard; the moment where things start to click into place for someone."

Why I became a therapist

I became a therapist because I enjoy hearing other’s stories and engaging in deep conversations. My aim is to create a space where vulnerable dialogue is encouraged and welcomed. I appreciate that diving into those vulnerabilities can be uncomfortable and it is my goal to sit with folks through those discomforts as they let their guards down and begin to process their experiences, fears and hopes. I truly believe that those areas of discomfort that we so badly want to avoid are where the growth and potential in becoming your best self starts.

Who I work with

I work with individuals who have experienced or are experiencing any traumas, anxiety, life transitions, relationship concerns, and grief. In particular, I enjoy working with young adults and adolescents who want to work through trauma, anxiety, and/or are questioning their sexuality. I have experience in working with youth, adolescents, and adults of all ages; specifically targeting LGBTQIA+ issues, anxiety, depression, grief, complex trauma, and various life transitions. I also enjoy working with couples and families to feel connected, gain perspective and work on communication skills. Therapy will toss a range of thoughts and emotions at you. There will most likely be moments of laughter, tears, realizations and sometimes moments of reflection to let the thoughts sink in. These moments are incredibly beneficial and can help aid you in emotional regulation skills, new coping mechanisms, and an always-growing, stronger sense of self during and after sessions.

"Emotions can be such a scary thing to manage, but all emotions and experiences deserve time to be seen and processed."

Working With Me

Therapy with me is based in encouragement, empowerment, and creating a safe space together to acknowledge and process what life throws our way. I encourage my clients to notice their strengths and build off them in order to recognize the agency they hold in their life. I am a feminist theorist, with an emphasis placed in client-centered therapy. Feminist therapy does not discriminate against which genders I provide services to, but rather acknowledges many different identities my clients hold and how that affects them. I seek to provide psychoeducational opportunities for clients when needed in order to build a toolbox of useful skills that can be universally applied. When working with couples I utilize John Gottman’s method to couples therapy. My goal is for clients to gain a sense of clarity and empowerment. I want clients to know and realize that they can learn more about themselves, understand how life experiences have made them who they are, and recognize how much potential they have moving forward. The one thing I always emphasize in session is that: emotions are all valid!

Qualifications and trainings

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